Master learner programme

Twickenham School students are encouraged to challenge themselves in every lesson, and through a variety of enrichment opportunities. We expect, with the guidance of skilled teachers and leadership, all our students to strive for the best outcomes and become Master Learners.

What is the Master Learner Programme?

The Master Learner Programme (MLP) has been designed to help guide students in their transition to further study, to develop academic and transferable skills and reach beyond their GCSE targets.

The experiences timetabled within the MLP programme enables all students, in all years, to achieve their full potential, including more able provision which is embedded to provide a vast range of opportunities to ensure our most able students thrive.

All students are welcome to participate in Master Learner activities and the below strategies are used to nurture every student; supporting and accelerating learning and personal growth. Subject teachers however will identify students who have shown particular potential in their subject area and invite them to participate within the programme.

How students access the Master Learner Programme

When joining Twickenham School, all students have instant access to the programme through:


  • Teacher intervention and high challenge
  • Challenging and engaging content
  • Opportunity for leadership and varied groupings
  • Mentoring and extension.


  • Broad range of interests and skills sets are encouraged
  • Masterclasses and expert professionals
  • Local, national and international experiences
  • Access to Russell Group university visits and opportunities
  • Careers guidance from Years 7 to 11.

Supra curriculum

  • Additional qualifications
  • Sponsorships across a range of subject areas
  • Private and personalised tuition opportunities
  • A Level tuition and college experiences with our partner schools including Hampton Boys, Esher College and Richmond College.

Each term the Master Learner calendar is published bringing new challenges and fresh starts to ensure that all students have something to strive towards and challenge themselves with.

We have been thrilled to see many Master Learners show initiative in their studies both inside and beyond the classroom, however for those that have not yet participated - there is always time to get involved!

For further information about activities please view the Master Learner calendar below.

Examples of Master Learner activities

Master Learner opportunities are updated throughout the year, however below is a sample of some of this year's activities open to students.


  • Literary Lunch
  • Poetry by Heart Competition in collaboration with Drama
  • A Level Taster sessions (Year 10)
  • Wider reading lists found on Learning Journeys
  • Torch Magazine contributions and editorial team


  • UKMT competition
  • Elite mentoring; Level 2 FSM Additional Maths Qualification


  • Crest Award
  • STEM club
  • 6th form masterclass links

History and Geography

  • Young History book critic -  book review of historical fiction
  • BET Climate Conference (KS3)
  • Green Plan It


  • Poetry by Heart Competition in collaboration with English
  • Richmond Upon Thames Parliament Square Performance


  • Twickenham School Dance Company (TSDC) performance for IGNITE
  • RUTC Master classes
  • Royal Opera House trip; Romeo and Juliet Ballet with live orchestra


  • Richmond Music Trust tuition
  • Royal Opera House trip; Romeo and Juliet Ballet with live orchestra


  • FTSE ‘Fantasy’ Fund Manager


How we ensure our students are supported

Designed to support and accelerate learning and personal growth, Twickenham School families will receive communication, resources and support both for 'at home' and external opportunities.

For further information about the Master Learner Programme - please access the resources below. If you have any questions or queries please contact Mrs Thackeray.


Master Learner Programme Brochure


- Jul 1
Congratulations to Attenborough House on winning the 2022 Sports day that comprised of Basketball, Benchball, Rounders and Cricket!
- Jun 29
We are delighted to welcome an audience back to our auditorium this summer to celebrate the work of students in their creative arts success! Tickets can be requested for FREE via - FAO Sunmer show.
- Jun 28
Huge congratulations to Dave Mousa on being awarded the Advanced Student Honour in Kumon Mathematics! Dave received the award at a ceremony last Saturday as recognition of the hard work he has put into the program outside of school. Well done Dave, a great achievement! @KumonUK
- Jun 27
We have enjoyed hosting Year 5 Taster days for Heathfield Juniors this week. Seeing so many future students already enjoying secondary school lessons is inspiring! Well done to our new Year 7 buddies who supported them throughout the day.
- Jun 27
Year 10 GCSE Food students were perfecting their complex practical skills last week making Apple Tarts using shortcrust pastry and apples soaked in spices and lemon juice. Well done Year 10 - some real showstoppers produced! #Foodtechnology #GCSE
- Jun 25
Twickenham School Year 11 Prom! Congratulations on a magnificent year, beautiful and handsome young adults! 📸: Mr Elbourne
- Jun 24
We are very excited to be able to share the first part of the circa £800,000 capital investment programme at #TwickenhamSchool - starting this summer with the introduction of The Aspire Centre! #InvestingInOurStudents #NewResources
- Jun 23
The Torch Features team just interviewed British artist @FranGiffard . They said they loved her detailed answers and can’t wait to write up the interview. Her Spotlight piece will appear in the next Torch issue - due to be published and sold in July before the summer.
- Jun 23
A massive congratulations to Rex for winning the Year 7 Boys Javelin at the Borough Athletics yesterday. Well done to all the students who participated and represented the school proudly at the Richmond Borough Athletics. #Boroughathletics #Twickenhamschool #Achieve
- Jun 20
Every person on this planet has a right to seek safety – whoever they are, wherever they come from and whenever they are forced to flee. Find out more at
- Jun 20
Year 10 students enjoying the sunshine and their rowing unit this summer with @HSPartnerships 🚣‍♂️🚣🏼🚣‍♀️
- Jun 15
Year 10 students took part in the first session of a rowing programme at Hampton Boat Club. Before heading onto the water, the students took to the rowing machines on the dry land to work on technique and skills.
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Assal Ruse

Assal Ruse

Welcome To our school


Year 9
I’m proud to be part of TS. As a year 9 student starting the transition to GCSE, we are supported by our teachers to make the best choices and I feel confident I will achieve my potential.


Year 8
My favourite thing about our school is how all our lessons are practical, fun and interesting whilst teaching me about the world.


Year 9
The best part about school is the positive environment. Being in class boosts my confidence and I never feel on my own as I have great teachers and friends to support me.


Year 8
I love school because it is a place where everyone is motivated to learn and try new things you never thought you could do. I have encouraging teachers that always push me to try my best.


Year 8
I really benefit from the extra-curricular clubs at school. I’ve never felt confident in sports until I started play basketball and have gained so much from being part of a team.
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