Published Admission Number (PAN)

a. 180 students in Year 7
b. 10 students in Year 12 (for students being admitted from outside the Academy)

Process of application

Arrangements for application for places at the Academy will be made in accordance with London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames’ co-ordinated admission arrangements and will be made using the online Common Application Form (CAF) provided and administered by London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.


These criteria will be applied to every application for Twickenham Academy and named as a preference on the application form.  The same criteria are used to rank applications remaining on the school’s waiting list:

Over subscription

If more than 180 applications are received, places will be offered according to the criteria used above.

Waiting list

The London Borough of Richmond will automatically compile a waiting list consisting of the names of unsuccessful applicants who have not had a higher preference offer and will include any late applications.  Names of pupils who have had a higher preference offer, or who did not originally name Twickenham Academy as a preference, can be added to the waiting list. These names will be added to the list in criteria order regardless of the date the application was received. The waiting list will be held until end of the academic year. After this date parents will have to request in writing to have their child’s name added to the waiting list.

Arrangements for admitting students into the Sixth Form

The Academy operates a Sixth Form with a capacity for a total of 150 students with 75 places available for Year 12 places.  Students already on the Year 11 Twickenham Academy roll are able to transfer to Year 12 if they meet the published standards of entry.

If less than 75 of the Academy’s own students transfer in the Year 12, additional external students will be admitted until the Year 12 meets its capacity of 75.

The Academy will apply the same entry requirements as it does to students already on roll in the Academy and, if a tie-break is necessary to determine who is admitted, it will apply the over subscription criteria above.

In-year admissions

If a student wishes to apply for a place at Twickenham Academy outside of normal year 7 admissions, the parent will need to complete a Richmond in-year form. 
Before submitting an in-year application the parent must get current or previous school (within UK) to compete the form.

Only when the section by the school is completed will the application be treated as complete and progressed.

The borough will then pass on the applicant’s details to Twickenham Academy who will let them know if the child has qualified for a place. All applicants will be interviewed and safeguarding checks will be completed. The Academy will contact the previous school for further information. Students will be tested prior to entry to confirm base line data. The Academy will interview applicants on receipt of information from the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames and be admitted within a week of interview.

Fair access protocol

Richmond Council and all secondary schools including academies and free schools in Richmond-upon-Thames have agreed a fair access protocol to admit children who are currently without a school place and may have difficulty finding a suitable school place. The aims of the fair access protocol are to ensure that:

Children who are admitted to schools under this protocol take priority over any children on waiting lists.

The Fair Access Panel, which considers applications under this protocol, consists of representative headteachers and senior Council staff. The panel makes the final decision on which school will be nominated to receive each case. This will take into account the suitability of the placement for the pupil and the school and, where possible, will ensure that the required additional resources are made available to support the pupil’s successful integration into school.