Published Admission Number (PAN)

The Academy has an admission number of:

180 students in Year 7

After the admission of students with Statements of Special Educational Needs where the school is named in the Statement, the academy will accordingly provide for the admission of students each year if sufficient applications for entry are received. Where fewer applications than the published admission number for the relevant year groups is received, the school will offer places at the school to all those who have applied.
In the event of oversubscription the criteria to be applied is below. When the school is oversubscribed, applicants will be prioritised for admission according to the following criteria in priority order:

Oversubscription Criteria

1. Looked After Children (LAC) i.e. children who are in the care of a local authority or being provided with accommodation by a local authority in their exercise of their social services functions as defined in Section 22(1), and previously looked after children who were adopted, or subject to a residence order, or special guardianship order, immediately following having been looked after. Applications must be accompanied by details of circumstance and professionally supported evidence.(eg from a social worker)

2. Children who have exceptional medical or social need requiring attendance at Twickenham Academy rather than any other school. Such needs must be supported, at the time of application, by reports or letters from suitable professionals such as GPs, consultants or social workers. Circumstances cannot be taken into account unless information is provided at the time of application and failure to provide such information at that stage may therefore affect whether or not the children are allocated places at the preferred schools. All information submitted will be regarded as confidential.

3. Children who have siblings (by which is meant full, step-, half- and adopted siblings living in the same household) at the school at the point of admission;

4. Any other children on the basis of distance from home to Twickenham Academy, measured by the shortest route by road and maintained footpath, from the middle (the “seed-point”) of their home, out of the front entrance, to the nearest pedestrian school gate used by the relevant year-group.


i. Any offer of a place on the grounds of proximity is conditional on the child being resident at the address provided at the closing date for application. A business address, a childminder’s address, or any address other than the child’s permanent home will not be accepted. Proof of address will be sought and may be the subject of further investigation. Temporary addresses will not be used for the purpose of administering applications

ii. Children with a statement of special educational need that specifies the school as the placement school will be allocated a place through a separate procedure, in accordance with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

iii. These criteria will apply to all applicants, regardless of the borough in which they live.

iv. Late applications apart from applications on behalf of looked after children will NOT be processed until after all the applications received on time.

v. The Academy reserves the right to seek, or for its agents to seek, verification of the information parents have given on the application form and to withdraw places if false information has been given.

vi. Applications made under criterion one must be accompanied by details of circumstance and professionally supported evidence (e.g. from a social worker); Evidence will be verified by the LA before applications are passed to schools. If a school receives an application directly, please ensure the status of a LAC or Previously LAC is verified.

vii. Use of a final tie-breaker

• The distance from home to school, criterion, is used as a ‘tie-breaker’ if there are more applications than places available under any higher criteria. For applicants from the same block of flats, or who live the same distance from the school, random selection by the drawing of lots is used as a final tie-breaker.
• If a parent applies for entry into the same year group for more than one child and there is only one place available, the parent will be asked to decide which child should have the place. The names of the remaining brothers or sisters will be added to the waiting list in accordance with the sibling criterion.

Process of Application

Admissions for Year 7 are managed by the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, not by the school. Offers for September 2017 will be sent out by the Local Authority.

Applications from Richmond’s residents will be made on Richmond’s Common Application Form, which will be available in paper form and online.

Full details can be found on Richmond Council’s website and from the School Admissions section.
Phone: 020 8891 7514

If you do not live in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, you will need to contact your home borough for guidance

Fair Access Protocol

The school and all other secondary schools in Richmond have agreed a Fair Access Protocol to admit children who are currently without a school place and may have difficulty finding a suitable school place. Children admitted to schools under this protocol take priority over any children on waiting lists and may require the school to go over number.

Right of appeal

Applicants who are refused a place at the school have a statutory right of appeal against refusal of a place. Please contact the school for information on the appeal process and on how to lodge an appeal.

Waiting List

Subject to any provisions regarding waiting lists in the LA’s co-ordinated admission scheme, the Academy will operate a waiting list for each year group. Where in any year the Academy receives more applications for places than there are places available, a waiting list will operate until the end of the academic year.
These waiting lists will be maintained by the London Borough of Richmond on Thames and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application. After July 2018 the school waiting lists will be disbanded and parents will have to request in writing to have their child’s name added to a waiting list for the school.
Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

In-year admissions

If a student wishes to apply for a place at Twickenham Academy outside of normal year 7 admissions, the parent will need to complete a Richmond in-year form.
Before submitting an in-year application the parent must get current or previous school (within UK) to compete the form.
Only when the section by the school is completed will the application be treated as complete and progressed.
The borough will then pass on the applicant’s details to Twickenham Academy who will let them know if the child has qualified for a place.