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Year 7 Sidney on life at Twickenham School


Science Club: Students use enquiry learning to get an egg from the outside to the inside of a conical flask. Before and after pictures


Visitors have been impressed by the new displays that staff and students have been creating.


Year 7 students have made beautiful models of plant and animal cells in science class


star poses for a picture with our students


Our students talking to at the


The rugby festival follows seven week of coaching sessions with professionals


Our year 7 girls in action at the Rugby Switch Festival


Aleks tells us about his favourite part of being a student at Twickenham School


Our pupils and headteacher visited Bishop Perrin Primary School


Kayleigh talks about her first seven weeks as a pupil at Twickenham School


It’s film night at the school on Thursday. See posters for details.


Our students and headteacher spoke with Year 6 pupils at Heathfield Primary today. We hope to welcome them next year.


Students visited to talk to Year 6 pupils about life at Twickenham School and transitioning to secondary school


Our Trust has a new chief executive


The school is launching a new enrichment programme. See flyer for details.


Families visiting our subject classrooms at Open Evening


Ms Ruse tells families about our exciting new vision for the school at Open Evening


Our students trying out the recommissioned climbing wall at Open Evening


Families are invited to look round our subject rooms at Open Evening

Examination Results

Improved New GCSE Results for Twickenham School 

Twickenham School Year 11 students have achieved better in their GCSEs.  Whilst there is no direct comparison with previous year’s results because all of the examinations are new and English and mathematics are graded 1-9 instead of A*-G it is clear that students have done better than last year in these tough new examinations.

60% of students gained a grade 4+ in English and mathematics and 55% of students achieved 5 GCSEs at A*-C (4+ in English and mathematics). The DfE have made clear that there will be very few Grade 9s awarded in English and maths yet we were very pleased to see 3 students (all in maths) achieved this new benchmark.

Particular mention should go to:

Daniel Clouter, Ludmilla Branda and Sidney Thomas who all achieved a grade 9 in Mathematics

Hannah McLelland 7 A*-As

Ludmilla Branda 7 A*-As

Zachhary Philippou 7 A*- As

Headteacher, Assal Ruse, said, “I am delighted for the students and staff who have worked incredibly hard to achieve these results with all new examinations.  It has been a tough two years for all schools teaching new specifications and not always with access to new practice papers or grade boundaries.  As such I am happy the school has enabled the students to do as well as they did and be able to access the next stage of their education with the results they needed. These results reflect the hard work of students and the professional commitment of all of our teaching and support staff at Twickenham School. As a school, we have met and exceeded some challenging targets for this cohort of students, and I would want to thank our families too, as they have been so supportive yet again throughout the long examination season.

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GCSE Results 2017



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